“Be curious and discover what drives someone inside to unlock their intrinsic motivations.”

After many years observing coaches, delivering sessions and attending courses, Kathryn and Simon have developed their own unique coaching formulas and principles to support Coaches, Teachers and Parents throughout their journey when coaching/ teaching children across any sports coaching discipline. Their belief is one of keeping terminology simple, making sessions fun and engaging whilst delivering with passion, energy and enthusiasm to motivate and inspire children to their full potential.    


As highlighted throughout their numerous Coaching programmes all their lessons follow a simple, tried and tested formula covering: 5 Golden Rules for deliver, Creating opportunities for practise, Elite Skill Breakdowns, Progressions and Regression, Elite Coaching Formula and Delivery Styles to adopt. 


For instance: When coaching any Skill you can use the Elite Skill Breakdown to assess an individuals technique whilst giving them constructive feedback to correct and refine their action.


 Or Linked directly to the Elite Skill Breakdown is our Coaching Formula enables the Coach, Teacher or Parent the platform to implement the Skill Breakdown allowing correct times for intervention and immediately “coach to correct.”